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/u/failbears' Bite-Size Review Megathread (GPW/G203/G305/G403/EC2-AW/FK2W/ZA13W/KPOE/Rival 600/Sensei 310/MM531)

I'm not here to start war, these are my personal opinions! A couple important notes:
So let's get started!
Logitech G Pro Wireless
It's a pleasure, even if only mentally, owning a mouse that you know is supposed to be pricey and cutting edge as far as technology goes. It is wireless and it is lightweight, and that's great. Is it worth the price tag? I'd argue most of the time, NO. If you can afford to buy it, cool. If not, you're not missing out on some godly, perfect mouse that will make you an aim god.
The shape feels like a jack of all trades, master of none, but maybe I'm just comparing it to Zowies, all 3 kinds of which are sitting on my desk right now. It doesn't quite feel perfect for any of the grip styles, but it is good enough for all of them. One of my pet peeves is not being able to grip a mouse until you've warmed up, and this is going to be a recurring trend in these reviews. Whenever I came home from work and played with the GPW, I was usually fine and needed minimal warm-up. But one day I took it to work, and working/browsing was difficult as I went about my business, typed, washed my hands, and found it of varying grippiness throughout the day.
The buttons can be forced together, but I personally don't have this issue while playing. The clicks are fine, despite what some may have said - I've heard they're actually lighter than those of the G203 but the sound is not quite as loud and chirpy, so there may be a mental aspect here. Personally, I'm glad they went for a more subdued sound. One thing that is inconsequential to me is that pressing in the scroll wheel is a little difficult, so anyone who needs to do so freely/rapidly will find it hard.
Overall, a very cool piece of technology, not worth the money unless you have cash to spare.
Logitech G203
One of my picks for best budget mice of all time. The clicks are light and chirpy, and I'm coming around to them despite finding them a little too light and chirpy originally. They do seem loud. When I first started using it after maining my EC2-A, there were lots of misclicks as I moved my mouse around. This is something I've gotten used to since then. The shape has been complained about, so be wary, but it is fine for me. Occasionally, my hand would hurt but again, it's something I learned to hold and do it relatively comfortably. With my hand size, I did have to make adjustments though, such as making my hand more clawy/fingertippy, or by sort of "palming" it ironically by letting my fingers run along the length of the mouse, while making contact with only the top of the palm. Anyway, it's got good build quality, a hit or miss shape, it's cheap, and a decent weight.
Logitech G305
Only a mouse I'd consider with a AAA battery, otherwise it's very back-heavy. It's pretty much the same thing as the G203 except it's wireless and the side buttons are mushier unfortunately. I have little else to say because it's so similar to the G203 so if you want wireless, it's up to you.
Logitech G403
This is, unfortunately, a mouse I didn't use for long nor give a fair shot, so take this with a grain of salt. I tried it out when I broke my first Zowie, the EC1-A, in a fit of rage. The dreaded hump is hit or miss with people, and it was so uncomfortable I had to return it. Otherwise, it's a very well-made mouse.
Why didn't I spend a longer time with it? This was earlier on before I tried a million mice and found myself more capable of adapting to so many. Since I had used nothing but an EC (in my mind the most comfortable mouse in the world) for years leading up to my trying out the G403, I just couldn't do it. So this is just a warning to those who are very used to great ergonomic shapes - you might have gotten used to them and that might ruin your chances of liking this mouse.
Zowie EC2-A White Edition
This was my main for a year. To this day it is the comfiest and grippiest mouse I've ever used. Or rather, I find all glossy Zowies to be extremely grippy. The clicks are stiffer, which never bothered me. The side buttons and scroll wheels are a bit mushy, though not quite as bad as on the non-white Zowies. Overall, if you wanted a safe bet for a comfortable and grippy mouse, this might be your best bet.
I will say, I've got the FK2 and ZA13 just yesterday and this is where I start to go off of my normal "don't give aim advice" advice. I feel like I have great aim with the EC2-A because it's one of the few mice that truly felt like a natural extension of myself. With no slipping of the grip, and with a comfortable shape, it's worked out great for me. However, I've seen a picture online (that I can't find right now) where it shows people holding ergonomic mice at an angle. That's how I naturally hold this mouse unless I correct it. It showed that when you do so, moving side to side actually moves your crosshair on a slanted line, since your mouse is slanted. I'm not 100% sure if this is a factor, but in games where you have to click the pixels on your screen that are people's heads, I'd imagine it is. So with that being said:
Zowie FK2 and ZA13 (White Editions)
I really wish I had more time to play with these, but I've been waiting to give y'all my thoughts on all these mice for quite a while now and couldn't wait any longer. I gave these a shot because people swear by the FK2 and say that they aim better with it than any other mouse. RJN's personal #1 mouse is an FK2, and he specifically said that he thought he wouldn't have liked it, and he wouldn't have even tried it if Zowie didn't send him a copy, just because it's not really a palm-able mouse. This made me curious.
Again, take this with a grain of salt, but even though I am relatively new to Quake Champions (and arena shooters in the first place), I have been on an absolute tear since trying out these two mice. Maybe we can just tone this down and logically say that this is due to them being (generally considered) the best shapes in the industry, extremely grippy, ambidextrous so I wouldn't have the slant issue I may have with the EC2-A, and lower weight (than the EC2-A). I was pretty huge on the GPW prior to using these, but I've come to realize grip width is quite important, and the GPW feels considerably thicker in the middle than either of these mice.
The side buttons on the FK2 are quite small, but that hasn't been an issue in any games for me. Even though I don't normally fingertip mice, I've found that a palm/fingertip hybrid is quite comfortable. Some hybrid grip, which I won't bother trying to get too specific about, makes the ZA13 quite comfortable as well.
I'd say that a lot of the complaints about Zowies is definitely more relevant to the EC series than the FK/ZA series. By comparison, the side buttons are snappy and responsive, and the scroll wheels, while I'd prefer more defined steps, are not as mushy as the EC wheel.
With that being said, I can honestly say that I understand gripes about Zowies but not so much the white FK/ZA series. $70? These are $60. Build quality? As I mentioned, the side buttons and scroll wheels are noticeably better. Not the best I've ever used, but on par with "average" considering all the mice I've tried in this thread. Sensor? The overwhelming majority of people can't tell, and I haven't had any spin-outs across thousands of hours across several FPSs.
One of these is probably going to become my main, at least for FPSs. Overall, a $60 mouse that is extremely comfortable, grippy, and a decent weight and build quality is the closest to end-game as it gets for me, besides possibly the GPW just being ridiculously light for a wireless mouse considering its size but that comes with a hefty price tag.
One last note - I know this section is long but even though I think this community is extremely kind (remember the time I got scammed and two different strangers offered me G305s?), I have formed a bit of a chip on my shoulder due to people's sheer hate for well, most non-Logitech companies. And even Logitech is starting to piss people off. Nobody's perfect, but the white FK/ZA series is far from shitty.
Anyway, going off of these stats, 180 out of 270 (give or take some due to sponsorships) CSGO pros use Zowies. That's an astounding fucking number.
Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye (ctrl+F KPOE)
Ahh the little mouse that coulda, shoulda, woulda. This is hands-down one of the best mice I've ever used as far as build quality goes. The scroll wheel (as trivial as that may sound to some) feels extremely satisfying to use, and is the best I've ever seen. The only problem is that it is a bit small, and is an unsafe shape. Frankly, I find the right side of the mouse extremely baffling. IF the size/shape works out for you, it might just be one of the very nicest mice you could ever own for a "normal" price, looking at today's climate. But the shape is not safe, and even though I made other mice work with my hand size, the KPOE is doable but a bit harder to get used to. This is yet another mouse that works much better once I've warmed up (it actually has been relatively OK grip-wise when I come home from work), but I did take it to work a good amount and found it extremely frustrating to try to grip when my hands were dry, and the shape became that much bigger of an issue to me.
Note: The rest of these mice I used very little
SteelSeries Rival 600
I actually really wanted to like this mouse. In pictures, it looks a bit gaudy but in person it looks much better. I really liked the subdued, "mature" sound/feel of the LMB and RMB a lot. I didn't dock points for the third side button that was too far forward for me to use, I just didn't add points for it either. It is quite large, that's for sure. My biggest issue with it is that the rubber side grips made it extremely slippery for me to grip when my hands were dry. Again, once I've warmed up, it gets much better. But until then, the shape of the right side, and the slipperiness of the grips, made it tough for me to pick up. Also, perhaps due to the size and shape, playing with it for a couple hours made my hand hurt, but I think that is something I may have gotten used to if I played with it longer. Or maybe not, because maybe I was tensing my hand to keep it from slipping.
SteelSeries Sensei 310
I used this the least of all the mice in this thread. Unfortunately, I find its shape quite odd. It appears pretty flat and wide, and because it's ambidextrous, both sides cave in a bit, which is fine on the left side, but weird on the right side. Nothing spectacular to write home about, so I'd advise just getting a Logitech or Zowie ambidextrous mouse instead.
CoolerMaster MM531
Although I didn't end up keeping this mouse, it was a bit of a sleeper hit for me. I didn't expect to like anything about it, since the pictures make the shape look extremely weird, and because of the rubber side grips. Well, as someone who habitually digs their thumb really hard into the side of his mice, I'm not sure this would have worked out for me. BUT, I did enjoy the shape quite a bit. It felt too narrow in the middle at first, but playing with it more made me very used to it quickly. I also liked that, similar to the Rival 600, the clicks felt less chirpy and more subdued. Again, a good feeling and probably less annoying to roommates. One thing I was a little iffy about, however, is that the side buttons are pretty high up on the side of the mouse. As someone who uses M4 as a push-to-talk button, it was slightly awkward.
So in conclusion, I have a personal preference for Logitech and Zowie, and I have no problem defending Zowie's white FK/ZA lines as top recommendations for die-hard FPS players. I strongly encourage people to try many mice, even if that means getting active in the buying/selling community (but carefully), in order to personally experience them! Give things a fair shot, and you will almost certainly end up surprising yourself.
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